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Manufacturing Platform: NanoSizer FLOWTM


Get the Edge: Competitive Advantages

  • No Commitment and Lower Price: While Offering Most Competitive Pricing of Equipment and Consumables, T&T Scientific Never Requires Its Client's for Long Term Commitment of Licensing Agreement or Royalty Payments 
  • Research to Scaled Manufacturing All in One: from 20mL to 100s Liters, T&T Scientific NanoSizer FLOW Software, and Hardware Platform Allows Users to Truly Scalable Research to Develop and Manufacture their Products Using a Single Platform
  • High Throughput: The NanoSizer FLOW Technology GMP Ready System Allows the Production Output of Up to 5-10L per Minutes
  • Precision: Precise Control of Size, with Consistent Polydispersity Index (PDI) of Less than 0.08
  • Fully Controlled and Customizable App and Software: The Software and App Platform Allow the User to Fully Customize the Process and Control the Manufacturing Parameters 


T&T Scientific offers the world’s best nanomedicine manufacturing platform with scalable, low cost, high throughput, high quality, and a wide range of operations. The GMP system can operate and process 50mL to at least 500L+ (Tested) nanomedicines for cGMP manufacturing of gene therapies and vaccines (i.e., RNA therapeutics and COVID-19 vaccines). The NanoSizerTM technology has been developed over the years with great characterization and optimization procedures to achieve the precise and narrow size distribution of particles and producing highly encapsulated lipid nanoparticle APIs. We have reached the PDI as low as 0.05 and consistent encapsulation efficiency of over 99% after optimizing flow conditions for a given formulation. Moreover, the cell studies indicated a promising transfection and association of lipid nanoparticle mRNA into cells. T&T Scientific does not require any licensing and royalty fees or contracts for its clients. T&T Scientific culture believes clients should have no limitation when developing lifesaving novel pharmaceutical nanomedicine therapeutics and vaccines.Nanomedicines Made Low Cost, High Quality, Small Volume to High Throughput (50mL-500L+) All in One GMP System & Never Pay for Licensing or Royalty to Produce Life Saving Therapeutics and Vaccines.

Products ModelBlinkChannelGMP
Product Model NumberTTE-024TTE-025TTE-023
Ideal Batch Size0.5-50mL1-400mL20mL-100L+
Installation, Training, Warranty
Qualification: IQ/OQ/PQ/PM (Optional)
Inline Dilution and Customization
Temperature Control (Optional)
PAT On-line Analytics Options
Inline Post Processing.TFF Compatibility
Continuous Manufacturing
Licensing Agreement
Royalty Payments
Price$35,000.  InquiryInquiry

Precise and Consistent

Data Shows that Lipid Nanoparticle Drug Products Are Produced Precisely and Consistently with Different Types of Excipients, Lipids and Polymers; from Small to High Throughputs.

Scalable and Precisely Controlled

T&T NanoSizer FLOW System Exhibit a Truly Controllable Specification of Nanoparticles Drug Products in Various Flow Conditions and Scales, Such as Size, and Encapsulation Efficiencies.

Consistent and Repeatable Batch Production on Long Runs

Various Tests and Results from T&T NanoSizer FLOW Has Exhibits the Production of Nanoparticles Drug Products to Be Consistent and Repeatable Day over Day in a Long Days and Periods of Productions.


Here are quick three videos with quick overviews and instruction on NanoSizer FLOW GMP.

Quick Introduction

This is a quick demonstration and overview of NanoSizer FLOW GMP 


Here is a detailed demostration of NanoSizer FLOW GMP.


This short webinar is intended to pre-installation training of NanoSizer FLOW 

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